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Ome Calli

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Ome Calli means “second home” in Nahuatl, a language indigenous to Mexico. It has been spoken by the Aztecs and their descendants since at least the year A.D. 700.

We are proud to be the only ice cream shop in Oregon that makes their products from scratch. We infuse them with the authentic tastes of Mexico using locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible.  Our family-owned shop is located in Beaverton, Oregon on Tualatin Valley Highway. We offer a large variety of ice creams (helados,) frozen ice pops and cream pops (paletas,) as well as our famous Chamoyadasand our newest taste sensation, the Chamo Loco!

Our Story

Our tradition of making delicious ice cream started 30 years ago in Mexico City, in a shop facing the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe. We used the freshest cream and local fruits to make decadent ice creams, sorbets, and paletas (frozen bars) for the pilgrims, locals, and visitors of our grand city that were looking for a cool treat.

We’ve brought our traditional recipes and flavors over 2000 miles North to the lovely state of Oregon to share our unique goodies with you. The Pacific Northwest has inspired us to recreate some local flavors to add to our roster of traditional Mexican offerings. We use products from local creameries and farms, as well as real whole fruits from around the world, to produce our wholesome treats by hand.

“Ome Calli” means “Two House” or “Second Home” in Nahuatl, the native central Mexican language, and we’re proud to call this beautiful state our second home. Come visit us to try some of our exotic and amazing sweets and snacks, and feel the love in every bite.

Ome Calli Store Location

The Ome Calli Store is located at 12795 SW Canyon Road in Beaverton, Oregon. Here you will find our ice cream (helados,) frozen fruit and frozen cream pops (paletas,) sorbets, churros, chamoyadas, and chamo locos available for purchase, along with seasonal and limited-time specials.